TIFF 2023: ‘I Don’t Know Who You Are’

M.H. Murray’s I Don’t Know Who You Are is a well-meaning dramatic thriller that raises awareness about systemic abandonment felt by sexual abuse survivors.

Torontonian musician Benjamin (superbly played by Mark Clennon, who also receives a writer’s credit) feels the world closing in around him after he’s targeted and raped by a stranger.  Sexual frustrations towards his current boyfriend (Anthony Diaz) make Benjamin weary to divulge any traumatic details, and the stress of trying to access an expensive HIV-preventative PEP treatment before a deadline makes seemingly taboo discussions with friends and acquaintances difficult for Benjamin to initiate.

The filmmaker, however, isn’t timid to confront such issues with his feature film debut.  I Don’t Know Who You Are is passionate and has very strong opinions about these situations that create discouragement and hopelessness. But, Murray doesn’t disguise these points with character-appropriate dialogue, making his movie sound clunky when he’s informing the audience.


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