By: Jolie Featherstone Sabrina Jaglom’s Jane is a drama-thriller that grapples with tough themes such as grief, isolation, and cyber-bullying within an upper-class prep-school.


How to Blow Up a Pipeline

There’s a purposeful lack of characterization in How to Blow Up a Pipeline because the story is built off of shared passion and mutual frustration between a team of amateur environmental activists/eco-terrorists who are tired of waiting for a difference to be made.  They’ve been pushed to their limits after being promised that a change is approaching.  How to Blow Up a Pipeline is a very angry movie, and it’s also one of the best…



Simulant is a good recommendation for those looking for a solid sci-fi action/thriller and in-the-moment entertainment.  The film doesn’t have much resonance after the credits roll, but I thoroughly enjoyed being in this futuristic story that’s executed well enough by director April Mullen (88, Farhope Tower, Badsville) and adequately written by screenwriter Ryan Christopher Churchill.



By: Jeff Ching ReBroken is an ambitious and unique exploration of grief that qualifies as a thriller, drama, horror and a mystery.  It’s an unpredictable puzzle that the audience slowly pieces together.  But despite that selling point, I can’t wholeheartedly recommend Rebroken.  I will always applaud a filmmaker for taking risks over playing it safe.  However, I didn’t enjoy this experience, which could’ve been fixed had the film built an essential emotional connection to the material.


Cocaine Bear

By: Jeff Ching Walking into Cocaine Bear, I was expecting the movie to be the latest inductee to the “so bad, it’s good” list. Something along the lines of Snakes on a Plane or the Sharknado franchise: movies that are not good, but fun to laugh at.  Cocaine Bear, however, is not “so bad, it’s good” – it’s “so good, it’s umm….…the best movie of 2023 so far”. Look, it’s only late February, and I don’t expect…



By: Trevor Chartrand With the title alone, Firenado makes its intentions (or lack of intentions, perhaps) clear right off the bat: this is not a movie to be taken seriously.  As if a film like this ever could be.  This flaming twister of a motion picture is a zero-effort waste of your time – in the most entertaining ways possible.