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Dream Scenario

By: Jeff Ching The idea of a random Joe Schmoe appearing in everyone’s dreams is an intriguing premise, but could Dream Scenario’s writer/director Kristoffer Borgli (Sick of Myself) have ever imagined a better set-up than Nicolas Cage portraying this ubiquitous dream character?  The answer to my rhetorical question is a resounding “hell no!”. In fact, at the post-screening Q&A at this year’s TIFF, Cage explained how he easily relates to this character and brought up the meme about himself;…


Who’s Yer Father?

By: Trevor Chartrand Who’s Yer Father?, from writer/director Jeremy Larter (Pogey Beach), is a quirky dark comedy with an Eastern Canadian twist.  Funny and fast-paced, this movie has a stylized bluntness to it;  almost as if it’s Prince Edward Island’s own Napoleon Dynamite – but with a much more sinister tone.


15 Cameras

By: Trevor Chartrand Director Danny Madden brings us 15 Cameras, the second sequel to 2015’s 13 Cameras, just in time for this year’s spooky season.  The third entry in this series is serviceable, with an interesting twist on the original premise.  It’s a creepy thriller through-and-through, despite being a tad obvious with its metaphors.


The Beasts

By: Trevor Chartrand The Beasts, from director Rodrigo Sorogoyen, is based on the ominous and tragic true story of discrimination set in rural Galicia, Spain.  With all due respect to the victims involved, this true story is captivating – there’s tons of cinematic potential in this narrative that The Beasts, frankly, fails to exploit.  Instead of a tense, emotional thriller, Sorogoyen has chosen to take a much slower paced and melodramatic direction, which doesn’t feel…

Festival Coverage

TIFF 2023: ‘Summer Qamp’

By: Jolie Featherstone Jen Markowitz’s documentary Summer Qamp follows several teens as they attend Camp fYrefly – a camp in rural Alberta where queer, non-binary, and trans teens get to be themselves, surrounded by peers and counsellors who can relate to their experience.  From the moment the campers arrive, the camp implements a framework of care.  Whether it’s coming out as trans or climbing a rock wall, the campers are supported.