I See You

Adam Randall’s thriller I See You is so good, it hurts.  Seriously though, because I’m biting my tongue.  I want to gush about this fantastic movie so much, but talking about it in detail would be a disservice.  The film dishes out so many surprises and they all stick a miraculous landing.

What I can hint at is that Randall and screenwriter Devon Graye are able to extract the best qualities from horror/thriller sub-genres (home invasion, crime procedurals, and found footage to name a few) and apply the samples towards a suspenseful, twisty story.  The film’s main focus is the Harper family, reeling from the reveal of a devastating secret.  While everyone tries to move forward with their lives, they’re emotionally defenceless;  making them extra prone to irregularities in their house.  From minor bumps and creeks to family photos disappearing.

After earning a connection between the audience and the Harpers, I See You flips the script and further explains the strange happenings.  The explanations don’t snuff out our wonderment because the compelling parallel story we’re introduced to raises the stakes – both for the new characters and for the original plot line – while also finding different tones to play with.  I See You becomes more amusing and, especially, more intense.  Just when movie goers think they’ve seen everything, the final act shows us blind spots in the narrative we weren’t aware of.

I See You is a shocker that covers its tracks unbelievably well.  This wildly original movie deserves to be experienced as fresh as possible.


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