The White Crow

The White Crow, written by Oscar nominee David Hare (The Reader) and directed by Harry Potter actor Ralph Fiennes, goes against the usual conventions of a biopic.

Ukrainian dancer Oleg Ivenko stunningly portrays Soviet ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev, an incredible performer who was met with controversy during his defection to the West at the height of his fame.  Though the film chronicles Nureyev’s professional career and life in Paris, The White Crow can be perceived as a story about his influence.  Ivenko does a terrific job representing Nureyev’s emotional range and flaws, including moments of vulnerability which evolved from feigned confidence to genuine courage when he had to prove himself to his teachers and against other talent.  Throughout the film, the audience observes how Nureyev stimulates those around him.  And even though the relationships can drown in the film’s melodrama, these are still effective exchanges because of how they’re delivered by the cast.  Additionally, The White Crow has exhilarating dancing and a fantastic docudrama approach to the direction and the cinematography.

As far as ambitious biopics go, The White Crow is one of the better examples.


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