Breakthrough will make you believe.  While movie goers devout to Christianity may immediately apply that statement to the film’s faith-based structure, Roxann Dawson’s movie reenforced my belief in the kindness of people.

To me, Breakthrough wasn’t necessarily a “faith-based film” where it’s primary focus was to preach.  It does have a religious connection to the material, as the film recounts the tragic true story of an adopted child (Marcel Ruiz) caught in a deep coma while his unwavering mother Joyce (Chrissy Metz) prays for recovery.  But, the story’s commitment to faith is undercut by a good-natured message about compassion and solidarity as a community as she acquires support from locals;  revealing that Breakthrough isn’t actually about a specific religion, but more about universal family values.

Breakthrough has its sappy moments, don’t get me wrong, but its representation of charitable kindness has feel-good resonance and likeable appeal – securing Breakthrough as a good rainy day recommendation.


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