Stanley Kubrick was a peculiar anomaly.  He was a world famous filmmaker with a classic catalogue, yet he lived an elusive life.  Allegedly, it was rare to be granted access into Kubrick’s personal life, and it was more rare to find someone who would be willing to put themselves that close to him considering Kubrick’s infamous reputation.

Filmworker is a documentary about Leon Vitali, someone who worked closely with Stanley Kubrick.  Leon is a bit of an anomaly himself – someone who was eager to be involved in the film industry but never realized how Kubrick’s projects engulfed him until he was in the thick of it.  Vitali was taken under Kubrick’s wing on the set of Barry Lyndon as he showed more interest in filmmaking when he wasn’t acting in front of the camera.  Leon’s loyalty was an attractive quality to Stanley;  it was a stepping stone toward their viable relationship that would extend over numerous films.  FIlmworker showcases Kubrick and Vitali’s shared effort during various stages of production.  While Tony Zierra documentary doesn’t take away from the filmmaker’s achievements in storytelling and visual composition (he actually does a very good job humanizing Kubrick), he does want to reward Vitali’s hard work and selflessness.

Tony Zierra assembles a must-see timeline for Kubrick fans from exclusive art drafts, Leon’s private notes, and behind-the-scenes footage, and he also includes modern interviews with select actors and crew members who have worked directly with Kubrick and Vitali.  The interviews, while slightly overexposed at times and crudely edited by the documentarian, capture realized heartfelt respect for Vitali.  In other words, these sincere clips fit perfectly within this honourable documentary.


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