Take the 10

The trailer for Netflix’s Take the 10 does no favours for this surprising flick.  It plays up slapstick yucks and crude dialogue, and, worst of all, it believes its the first movie to incorporate violent thugs in broad comedy – it’s detrimental advertising.  Luckily, writer/director/star Chester Tam has a trick up his sleeve.

The story is told in peculiar ways.  We first meet store clerks Chester and Chris (Tony Revolori, Josh Peck) as they anticipate upcoming life goals.  Business-savvy Chester has a plan to start fresh in Brazil and procrastinator Chris has his sights set on attending a legendary hip-hop concert.  The film focuses on Chester attempting to sell his car for airfare, which later pits him in the middle of a drive-by shooting.  Little does the audience know they’re not really watching the bigger picture.

Through a shifting timeline, movie goers see this crazy day from the perspective of Chris as he attempts to swindle tickets, and from the boys’ boss at the supermarket, Danny (Kevin Corrigan), who is frantically trying to pay off a local drug dealer (Tam).  The structuring is rigid and there are too many characters, but the narrative allows the audience to understand the presented ineptness.  Every decision these people make creates a ripple effect of incompetence that’s funny and keeps the audience guessing.

Take the 10 is not as crude or dumb as its trailer makes it out to be.  It’s cleverness is what will make the film stick with its at-home audience and create a potential filmmaking career for Chester Tam, a bit player previously known as “that guy” in all of your favourite viral videos by The Lonely Island.


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