Kevin Corrigan


Phoenix, Oregon

Phoenix, Oregon is a vast improvement on the Grown Ups formula.  Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2 were fuelled by seemingly harmless ideas of nostalgia and friendships, but the movies were made disingenuously by the egos of their cast.  Phoenix, Oregon, on the other hand, isn’t wired to be smug. Instead of the story solely rooting itself in the past and being self-congratulatory, memories are used as reference points to fuel aspirations to make more memories.


Infinity Baby

By: Nick van Dinther Hollywood is often criticized for rehashing the same ideas repeatedly without bringing anything new to the table.  At the very least, Infinity Baby bucks that trend and brings us something we haven’t seen before.


Take the 10

The trailer for Netflix’s Take the 10 does no favours for this surprising flick.  It plays up slapstick yucks and crude dialogue, and, worst of all, it believes its the first movie to incorporate violent thugs in broad comedy – it’s detrimental advertising.  Luckily, writer/director/star Chester Tam has a trick up his sleeve.



By: Addison Wylie Early on in Results, two workout trainers are telling the other not to provoke them.  These two trainers are Trevor and Kat, played by Guy Pearce and Cobie Smulders.  Over the course of Andrew Bujalski’s film, the audience finds out that these two characters need to be provoked in order for them to be challenged, which in turn makes Results interesting. The person who does most of the poking and prodding is…