52 Words for Love

The best choice made about 52 Words for Love concerns its release date. Whoever decided to release this movie on Valentine’s Day deserves a big box of chocolates.

Andrea Moodie and James Blokland’s emotionally versatile flick may have its shortcomings.  The acting is occasionally stiff, and the filmmakers constantly remind you of the balancing act they’re involved in as they cycle through multiple stories.  However, it’s hard not to get wrapped up in the film’s sincere romantic spirit.  52 Words for Love finds a sweet in-between using scripted narrative drama and real-life testimonials to discover genuine depictions of love.  Even when the film veers into hokey, sentimental territories, the portrayals are still driven by natural feelings of admiration.

Usually, corniness is a quality movies want to disown.  52 Words for Love not only accepts it;  the film happily embraces it with a gushy hug.


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