Amy Schumer: Growing

Comedienne Amy Schumer is at her best when she’s in unfamiliar waters and vocalizing about it.  By being incredibly observant and quick-witted, she forms a unique and bold perspective that humorously addresses relatable hesitation.  This transferable approach is why her film roles have worked for me as well (Trainwreck, Snatched, I Feel Pretty).

She slipped up temporarily with Netflix’s The Leather Special because she wasn’t challenging herself.  It takes guts to be as open as she is about sex and love, but her Leather Special material was strapped for originality.  Gratefully, Amy Schumer returns to form with her latest special Growing, a sweet special that allows her to publicly unload about the new unpredictable discomfort she’s experiencing while pregnant with her first child.  Every opinion she has, ranging from bodily surprises to sensitive moments with her husband Chris, is impulsive but maturely cultivated – a middleground that feels new for the former shock comic.  Other topics that are more global and timely are handled similarly with composed grace and sensibility and the occasional burst of honest irony that Schumer uses to drive home a punchline.

Amy Schumer may be universally known for her outrageous takes on bedroom etiquette, but Growing is a new chapter for the comic’s career.  At-home viewers will be pleasantly surprised.


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