You People

You People takes audiences through not one but two story formulas – the fish-out-of-water culture clash that could occur between two separate parties, and the road towards a wedding.  While this could be seen as a crutch for the filmmakers, this whip-smart comedy becomes the exception.  Much like how Hustle exhibited last year, You People reminds us that routine storytelling can be forgiven if the film excels in other areas.  You People is funny –…



The marketing campaign for Bros was based around its groundbreaking elements, reminding viewers that the LGBTQ+ cast on screen were out and proud and that everyone involved was working on telling an honest romance from the queer perspective.  It’s also, reportedly, the first widely released rom-com of its ilk.  That’s great and I’m elated for the production but, at the end of the day, what’s the word on the movie itself?


Magnum Opus: The .MOVie

As much as I’m a sucker for anything Jackass related, I’m compelled by the slew of strange copycats that followed the success of the stunt-and-prank franchise. Call it a guilty pleasure, I suppose, but it taps into a time that felt dangerous and outrageous, and the behaviour was often deemed as “just a phase” and otherwise ignored (despite the constant warnings and disclaimers slapped on to Jackass by MTV and Paramount Pictures). If independent third-parties…


Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

By: Jeff Ching Knives Out was a surprise hit.  But while it was a fun murder mystery, it wasn’t particularly memorable for me, nor was I clamouring for a sequel.  When I read that Netflix had spent $450 million on two sequels, I could not justify why they would spend that much…though I also asked why they would spend $200 million on The Gray Man.  After watching Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, I believe the…


Easter Sunday

Filipino American comedian Jo Koy (known for his Netflix specials Live from Seattle and Comin’ In Hot) makes his debut as a leading man in Easter Sunday, a loosely autobiographical comedy that draws on cultural and family dynamics to conjure relatable situational comedy.


Pretty in Plaid: A Review of ‘Drinkwater’

By: Liam Parker Nostalgia in cinema is a fickle thing.  If done right, it can invoke memories of a forgotten time; sparking comforting feelings in those that lived through it and sparking interest in those who didn’t.  Done wrong however, and it can feel like the film is just rehashing old material – like your drunk uncle telling you the same jokes you read in a dog-eared joke book from your elementary school library.  While…

Festival Coverage

Toronto After Dark 2022: ‘Here For Blood’

Horror-comedy Here For Blood features Shawn Roberts (of the Resident Evil franchise) as Tom O’Bannon, an all-around good guy who has a solid reputation in the world of wrestling and only shows a smidge of an attitude when his girlfriend Phoebe (Joelle Farrow) asks him to babysit a 10-year-old for a few hours while she prepares for college exams. The kid, Grace (Maya Misaljevic), is stubborn at first, but warms up to Tom over some…