Inspired by a true story, Tiger is a sports drama about the prejudice a rising athlete faced when he was told to abide by outdated expectations.

Sikh boxer Pardeep Nagra (Prem Singh) is asked to remove his facial hair and his turban in order to further pursue a professional career.  According to the Association of Boxing Commissions, these physical attributes are considered to be obstructions despite they’re personal significance.  Refusing to stand down, Nagra is confident when rallying against the scrutinies;  he’s vocal, but in a civil and passionate way.  With the help of his grizzled trainer Frank (a weathered Mickey Rourke) and his lawyer Charlotte (Janel Parrish), Nagra assembles a campaign to stay true to his goals and religious beliefs.

Tiger is the sub-genre’s ideal underdog movie, and it will undoubtably satisfy audiences.  It’s a solid, inspiring tale that makes room for genuine screenwriting.  Tiger is more focused on the players than on the game, although a climactic showdown towards the end would suggest otherwise.  It’s an entertaining match that will have you on the edge of your seat, but it’s existence feels tacked on;  as if to please movie goers who bought a ticket to see a good fight.


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