Inside Out 2017: ‘Prom King, 2010’

Charlie, a queer millennial in New York, is looking for love.  His modest expectations are reasonable, yet the mission proves to be a constant bust throughout the course of Prom King, 2010.  Charlie chats with friends, family, and other acquaintances within his community (mostly for catharsis or assistance), but these conversations lead to opinions – sometimes closed-minded views – about love, Charlie’s sexual orientation, and dating etiquette.

Prom King, 2010 is a coming-of-age drama that’s good enough to establish its breakout director/writer/star (Christopher Schaap).  The film’s most noteworthy achievement is that it’s able to be stylistically enchanting while realizing the genuine emotions of its characters – the same way Noah Baumbach did with Frances Ha.

Just like Charlie, however, the film is in need to be tied down.  Schaap intentionally embraces Charlie’s aimlessness and turns it into an opportunity for unhinged curiosity to come alive.  But Schaap, being a brand-new storyteller, would’ve been able to hold his audience’s trust and attention for longer periods of time if he had stuck to a traditional structure.

Prom King, 2010 has problems, but I’d rather remember Christopher Schaap’s debut as a film filled with possibilities.

Catch Prom King, 2010 at Toronto’s Inside Out LGBT Film Festival on:

Wednesday, May 31 at 9:45 p.m. @ TIFF Bell Lightbox


Click here for more festival details and to buy tickets.

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