Something You Said Last Night

Thematic crossovers and shared stories are bound to happen when so many movies are being released close together;  these flukes are not uncommon.  While it’s easy for movie goers to gripe about déjà vu, it’s hard to complain when the separate works are good in their own right.

Take Luis De Filippis’ coming-of-age drama Something You Said Last Night – I feel like I just saw this same film last month with Emanuele Crialese’s L’immensità.  Both summertime movies centre on a young transgender adult who is dealing with tense family dynamics.  However, the notable differences between both films is that Something You Said Last Night has an older lead and the narrative is more focused on individuality.  Ren (Carmen Madonia) has faith in who she is, and is never challenged by others for her certainty.  Her worries surface when her sister Siena (Paige Evans) is interested in pursuing other social interests rather than being a homebody on the family vacation.  This abandonment pokes holes in Ren’s demeanour, leaving her to question her own confidence as an individual.

Something You Said Last Night is an introspective character drama that subtly addresses personal insecurities.  Filippis’ movie doesn’t always leap off the screen while it moves at a murmur but, then again, that low-key filmmaking matches Ren meekness to a tee.  It’s also a movie that clicks into its seasonal vibes quite well, giving the audience a sweltering and hazy Summer movie that understands the nuances that come with accidentally wandering into self-discoveries in a complicated world.


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