Thomasin McKenzie (Old) and Anne Hathaway (rebounding from She Came to Me) are conflicted cohorts in William Oldroyd’s Eileen, a low-key chiller that slowly draws in the viewer despite the film itself not being much of a mindblower.


Raging Grace

Joy (Max Eigenmann) is a Filipina immigrant living in the UK with her young daughter, Grace (Jaeden Paige Boadilla).  Because of her undocumented status, Joy struggles to make ends meet and provide a safe, stable home for Grace — often living secretly in the homes she cleans while the wealthy families who live there are away on vacation.  But when the aloof and uptight Katherine (Leanne Best) hires Joy as a live-in care-worker for her…


The Delinquents

A reclusive bank employee, Morán (Daniel Elías), is tempted to use his privilege to take advantage of his workplace.  His plot to rob the bank is on standby until the perfect moment – cue Román (Esteban Bigliardi), a teller who leaves work early and is used as an incidental accomplice once Morán steals $650,000.  Román, now more aware, is brought into the fold by the amateur thief and is told to hold the money while…


The Persian Version

As the youngest child in a large family of Iranian immigrants, Leila (Layla Mohammadi) has always felt like she hasn’t lived up to expectations;  especially her often distracted mother Shireen (Niousha Noor).  In her current years as a young adult, Leila has felt more distance grown between her and her mom.  And as an expectant mother after a one-night-stand with an eccentric actor (Tom Byrne), Leila only anticipates the worse.


The Royal Hotel

News of Kitty Green’s The Royal Hotel had me excited.  Previously impressing me with her strengths as a documentarian with Ukraine Is Not a Brothel, Green would be drawing inspiration from another documentary that I really admired – 2016’s Hotel Coolgardie.