Jeanne du Barry

The narrative represented in Jeanne Du Barry is more of a historical timeline walkthrough.  There isn’t a plot-based backbone, and the film isn’t necessarily character driven either.  Instead, the audience is presented with important people from a specific era, their individual impacts, and the decadence that surrounded them.  That may not sound like much of a movie, but this biopic’s secret weapon is the filmmaker’s love for the subject matter.  If I want someone to…


Irena’s Vow

Fun fact: did you know, in 2024, there’s been more films about the holocaust than movies about killer spiders?  I suppose this isn’t really an odd coincidence considering audiences don’t often see movies about killer spiders.  But also considering Sting is currently playing in theatres and Infested streams on Shudder by the end of April, it’s a bit weird the arachnids are still outnumbered.

Festival Coverage

Canadian Film Fest ’24: Daughter of the Sun

When I wrote about Ryan Ward’s directorial feature debut Son of the Sunshine, I was humbled by the filmmaker’s response to my unenthused review.  I had labeled his film as “maple syrup melancholy”, a term I coined to encompass Canada’s ongoing trend of churning out depressing, empty movies.  I thought the term was clever, Ward didn’t think so.  The Canadian writer/director advised that, while disliking a movie and its motives is fine, labelling art can…


The Black Mass

By: Trevor Chartrand Readers, please note – if you’re not familiar with the serial killer Ted Bundy, The Black Mass will likely leave you feeling confused and alienated.  Then again, if you are familiar with Bundy and his capture, you’ll also feel just as confused and alienated…but probably disgusted as well.  By making this film, director Devanny Pinn has wasted the time of her crew, her cast, and anyone unfortunate enough to make the mistake…



Spaceman can seem intimidating to Joe Schmore scrolling through Netflix new releases: the cool intergalactic setting seems limiting, Adam Sandler is flexing his most sombre acting chops yet, and is that a giant spider he’s talking to?  But when you boil the movie down to its basic fundamentals, Spaceman is not as challenging as one may think.  This drama, which is pretty good to boot, is easy to follow and empathize with.  This is, however,…



Evoking the reflective nature of meditative character dramas like Pieces of a Woman and Trouble in the Garden, Memory roots itself in disturbing subject matter only to uncover beautiful and organic growth between two societal outsiders.