Rampage: President Down

As someone who has known Uwe Boll for his frantic filmography of sloppy video game adaptations, his mediocre and too dramatic action/thriller Rampage: President Down is actually a breath of fresh air.

The third chapter of Boll’s Rampage series is a cat-and-mouse chase between anarchist Bill Williamson (Brendan Fletcher) and a team of scrupulous FBI agents who predict a major attack.  The infamous filmmaker includes his usual brand of brash, shaky-cam action, but Rampage: President Down slows down often to build tension.  The bulk of Boll’s latest is a waiting game between both sides as they strategize and wait for their enemy to strike.

That rundown may sound boring to an uninformed movie goer, but anyone who has watched Boll’s early escapist work will appreciate these hints of substance.  He does, however, include too many video entries from an enraged Williamson as he rants ad nauseum – a couple of these stir-crazy segments go a long way.

Rampage: President Down is allegedly Uwe Boll’s final film, and it’s a tolerable exit.  The end credits are even completed with a shot of Uwe waving and walking away from the camera – cheesy but oddly sentimental.


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