Lou is exemplary late-summer popcorn fare that keeps audiences entertained through bouts of chillier weather.

Taking place on the fringe of a small community, single mother Hannah (Birds of Prey’s Jurnee Smollett) is sent into a panic when her daughter Vee (Ridley Asha Bateman) is kidnapped;  presumably by her wayward and dangerous father Philip (Upgrade’s Logan Marshall-Green).  She seeks assistance from her only neighbour, her reclusive landlord Lou (I, Tonya’s Academy Award winner Allison Janney).  Despite expecting some degree of help even though both are lukewarm towards each other, Hannah is surprised to see Lou immediately engage in survivalist instincts and tracking strategies.

Anna Foerster’s action flick movie is as streamlined as they come, in the best way possible.  It hits the ground running, taking very little time to set the stage, and places the main conflict in motion.  Granted, budding screenwriters Maggie Cohn and Jack Stanley sprinkle exposition (and a few good twists) throughout the manhunt that not only helps build the individual characters and the dynamics they share, but also helps to heighten the risks at play.  While the action is choreographed well (and doesn’t shy away from bloodshed), the environmental conditions (such as the persistent rainfall) add to the intensity of these scenes as well.  They may seem like minor visual choices, but these elements (no pun intended) add so much to Lou.

As per usual with these Netflix action flicks (The Old Guard, Extraction, Red Notice), a possibility of a sequel is left on the table by the final frame.  Usually, I’m apprehensive about Netflix doubling down on one of their original projects, but I’m game for a continuation of this story if the same cast and crew return.


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