Matt Craven


Awakening the Zodiac

Will you find Awakening the Zodiac thrilling?  Does the thought of rummaging through a mundane mystery excite you?  How about if you’re rewarded with a looney final act that contradicts the film’s creeping atmosphere?  This isn’t a good sell because you already know the disheartening answers.


The Good Lie

By: Addison Wylie Shawn Linden’s The Good Lie is good looking and straightforward with its premise that instantly hooks you. A normal high schooler named Cullen (played by Thomas Dekker) is devastated after being pulled out of class to find out his mother Doris (played by Julie LeBreton) has died in a car accident.  He’s even more upset after learning he’s the product of a horrific rape.  Furious and upset, Cullen sets out to find…