There’s no shortage of optimism in 2040, an encouraging eco doc from filmmaker (and concerned father) Damon Gameau.

In an attempt to reassure his daughter of a promising future for the world, Gameau sets out to build multiple cases for how we can prepare for a sustainable and efficient future.  These preparations are linked to decisions regarding new ways to conserve key resources that benefit international climate and societies.  The film follows a repetitive and occasionally disjointed format of Gameau interviewing innovators and industry professionals, followed by a good-natured futuristic reenactment of the world his daughter may experience if these environmental changes take effect twenty-one years from now (the film’s contemporary bits are set in 2019).

On the topic of innovation, Gameau’s filmmaking skips the usual “talking heads” routine to bring audiences an above-average eco doc that’s as creative as it is informative.  Hints of mixed media are used to keep the film’s imagination vibrant, while interviews are sometimes spliced into the film using special effects.  These instances don’t always make sense within the context of the movie, but it maintains and solidifies a limitless range for the film to have fun with. 

However, 2040’s likeability and creativity still doesn’t disguise how dry and dense some of this information is and, sometimes, the terminology and explanations are inaccessible. The film has been marketed towards families, but kids won’t be engaged as much as proactive adults will be.


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