Human Nature

Adam Bolt’s Human Nature, a scientific documentary about the advancements in genetic cures, is an accessible and thought-provoking film.

The doc’s main focus is CRISPR, a groundbreaking technology that allows portions of poor and detrimental genomes to be edited out of our DNA.  From early suggestions in the mid-70s to evolutions originating in the dairy industry, CRISPR has become the key component behind the idea of phasing out life-threatening disorders (such as sickle cell anaemia).  Human Nature offers enlightening interviews with various professionals that support this concept, including those currently experimenting with CRISPR.  But, the documentary also envisions a future of morale decisions.  Since the technology opens the door for DNA edits, should humans be given the choice to build “the ideal human being”?

Bolt’s documentary is dense with information, but it’s all sustainable content that will stimulate and excite movie goers.


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