The People vs. Fritz Bauer

The People vs. Fritz Bauer is a good film driven by a stellar central performance by Burghart Klaussner (Good Bye Lenin!).

Klaussner plays the role of German prosecutor Fritz Bauer, an impassioned and persevering individual who served an important role when committing infamous Nazis during the Frankfurt Auschwitz trails.  Although Bauer had a wholly interesting life, Lars Kraume’s efficient drama specifically follows the winding nature of Fritz’s mission to seek out SS-lieutenent colonel Adolf Eichmann.

Lars Kraume (Viktor Vogel – Commercial Man) brings audiences a competently made drama, although the film may fade afterwards for those who are only casually interested in history – it’s a worthwhile watch for everyone else.  Aside from Burghart Klaussner’s turn as Bauer, the period detail is fantastic and noteworthy, and the supporting performers who share the screen with Klaussner are able to hold their own.

Lately, because of the advanced quality of the television mini-series format, audiences are quick to judge biopics who feel the need to screen as movies.  The People vs. Fritz Bauer is a much needed reminder to that stay-at-home crowd that filmmakers can still accomplish a good deal of characterization and story within a concise structure.


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