Hollow in the Land

Most of the “no-namers” who started on FOX’s smash series Glee have since established their careers in film and television.

While Lea Michelle has had more of a mainstream streak than her other co-stars, Cory Monteith (who passed away in 2013) left an impression on the indie circuit.  His strongest work was one of his final roles in Josh C. Waller’s character study McCanick.  Just as Monteith did, Glee’s Dianna Agron also performs her strongest work to date in an independent character drama.  The only difference is that McCanick was a much better movie than the bland one Agron is contained in, Hollow in the Land.

As Alison Miller, Agron is fierce.  In order to solve a local crime and possibly save her troublemaker brother’s fate, Miller hastily interrogates her community while coming to terms with her own existence as her brother’s keeper.  Agron, showing a range of emotions from passionate perseverance to absolute exhaustion, carries Scooter Corkle’s feature film debut.  However, the film suffers from a cast of unlikeable and miserable characters barking their way through Corkle’s long-winded, laborious story.

Canadian audiences will appreciate how the damp wilderness of British Columbia defines the film’s dreariness, but without Agron, Hollow in the Land would’ve fallen through the cracks.


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