For the Love of Spock

Do you remember that episode of CBS’ The Big Bang Theory when Sheldon was excited to be interviewed by Leonard Nimoy’s son Adam for a documentary about the Star Trek actor?  It turns out that the film was real and not just another sitcom subplot.

Adam Nimoy once had an idea to make a documentary about his father’s iconic Spock and the influence that character had on pop culture and on avid fans of Gene Roddenberry’s TV show.  When Leonard Nimoy passed away in February 2015, the project took an emotional turn as Adam decided to chronicle his Dad’s life in the film as well.  What ensues is For the Love of Spock, a heartfelt and passionate production about an intelligent Renaissance Man.

Movie goers who are Star Trek enthusiasts and are also knowledgable about Nimoy’s talents will be pleased by Adam’s documentary – there’s no second guessing.  I, however, belong in the camp of people who know very little about both subjects.  If you’re like me, you’ll find more respect for Leonard Nimoy in For the Love of Spock.  Known for his stoic presence, the documentary features Leonard at his most animated;  getting excited over discussions about Spock’s mannerisms and growing mournful when acknowledging his flaws with addiction and failure.

Adam Nimoy succeeds in assembling video interviews, audio snippets, and interviews with family and fellow actors/filmmakers in order to build a narrative that cohesively explains his father’s life and the love others have for him.  Even when the documentarian is featured on screen explaining himself, he’s careful not to drift away from the film’s prime focal points.

For the Love of Spock is satisfying for everyone: Trekkies can celebrate Star Trek’s 50th anniversary by watching this touching tribute, and newbies gain plenty of interesting information about a versatile figure.


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