George Takei


For the Love of Spock

Do you remember that episode of CBS’ The Big Bang Theory when Sheldon was excited to be interviewed by Leonard Nimoy’s son Adam for a documentary about the Star Trek actor?  It turns out that the film was real and not just another sitcom subplot.


Tab Hunter Confidential

By: Shannon Page Directed by Jeffrey Schwarz (I am Divine, Vito) and based on the memoir Tab Hunter Confidential: The Making of a Movie Star, Tab Hunter Confidential explores the life and career of matinee idol Tab Hunter. After he was discovered by a movie agent, Hunter became, as fellow actor George Takei so aptly states in the film, the “embodiment of youthful American masculinity”.  With his blond hair, blue eyes, and natural charm, Hunter…


To Be Takei

By: Addison Wylie Jennifer M. Kroot’s documentary To Be Takei is cheesy and cute.  Then again, so is her subject: actor and activist George Takei. Takei, most notably known for his work on Star Trek as Lieutenant Sulu, is a busy man and yet we never hear him complain.  When he’s not acting, he’s passionately speaking to crowds about homosexual orientation and the deserved right for same-sex marriage.  After years of withholding his sexual preferences…