Does It Float?: Dirty Grandpa

When Dirty Grandpa was released in January, it was panned by critics and moviegoing audiences stayed fairly quiet.  However, after Wylie Writes’ Shannon Page reported that the film was a funny party with irresistible chemistry between veteran actor Robert De Niro and heartthrob Zac Efron, I was inclined to check it out.

Dirty Grandpa turned out to be a fun surprise, and I campaigned for it during its limp reception.  Efron was a good fit as the straight man to De Niro’s unhinged crass personality, and the two performers unflinchingly and confidently charge through the film’s shock humour – an approach the rest of the cast courageously embraces and succeeds with.

I wanted to revisit Dirty Grandpa to see if the production’s gutsiness waned over time.  Dan Mazer had passed this test before with previous efforts as a producer/writer (Brüno and Borat) along with his directorial work on the feature film I Give It a Year, but maybe Dirty Grandpa would be the filmmaker’s first slip-up.  Would a second viewing expose Mazer’s star-studded shock comedy as nothing more than flimsy novelty, or would my defence for the film stay as strong as my hearty laughs the first time around?

Watch the tenth webisode of Does It Float? and discover the verdict.


Read Shannon Page’s review here!

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