There hasn’t been a “high” concept stoner movie like Ripped in a very long time – at least, released in theatres.  It seems as if this comedy sub-genre has completely made the transition to the VOD market in order to deliver these flicks directly to their at-home toking crowd.

Ripped, starring funnymen Russell Peters and Faizon Love, is a cheap comedy with cheaper laughs.  Then again, director/co-writer Brad Epstein probably wasn’t aiming to make high art (mind the pun) with this dopey story of two pals who smoke so much pot, they pass out for 30 years.  The weed was also grown in Area 51 (hence the potency), and it’s given to the boys at a discount when they perform cunningligus on their dealer.  Think of Ripped as Rip Van Winkle re-written by those punks who skipped a lot of class in high school.

It is what it is, I suppose.  Ripped didn’t have me in hysterics, but I giggled here and there.  Overall, the movie could’ve used more pep in its step.  Isn’t it a necessity for these films to have a running soundtrack or instrumentals in order to keep up the energy?  The idea of a stoner comedy is to make the viewer feel like they’re invited to an exclusive party.  There’s nothing particularly exciting about watching our leading potheads plan to open a “special” chili restaurant set to the sound of room tone.

It is, however, amusing to watch these guys adapt to modern technology, culture, and lingo.  That premise may be corny, but it’s watchable considering Russell Peters and Faizon Love are experienced comedians and have the charisma to mould the stalest of jokes.

I’m sure Ripped will satisfy certain audiences, and I’m certain those audiences know who they are.  There’s nothing bothersome about Ripped, except for that final shot – and I do mean “shot”.


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