Inside Out 2016: ‘I Love You Both’

Is there an animated .GIF that sufficiently portrays your facial expression when you are made aware that you and your twin sibling are dating the same person?

Fraternal twins Krystal and Donny (real-life siblings Kristin and Doug Archibald) live together and share each others’ lives to a slightly unhealthy extreme.  This is obvious to everyone else, but they’re oblivious – until Andy (Lucas Neff) appears in their lives and tries to woo them both.

Brother Doug directs I Love You Both, and it’s like a millennial’s answer to a question The Skeleton Twins never asked – complete with a low-effort Casio soundtrack and conversational paths that have never happened anywhere.  It has a fascinating tone – straddling a line between hyper reality and sitcom fantasy – but the characters are also frustrating clichés of 20-somethings – a potentially detrimental move considering how realistically it depicts the film’s desired demographic.

The topic of dangerous co-dependence actually overshadows the main love triangle.  If that was intentional, then the film’s resolution has little payoff.  It shows that Krystal and Donny’s codependence will persist, making the audience question the overall point of the film.

Another question: can a great movie irritate you?  If so, I Love You Both covers the criteria.  Its funny and entertaining script is supported by bold direction and absorbing performances that are awash in heavy tones of apathy and post-hipsterdom.

Catch I Love You Both at Toronto’s Inside Out LGBT Film Festival on:

Saturday, June 4 at 7:00 p.m. @ TIFF Bell Lightbox


Click here for more festival details and to buy tickets.

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