Fitting In

Molly McGlynn’s standout sophomore feature Fitting In manages to be both frank and subtle with its portrayal of teenage coming-of-age.

Life is fairly casual for high schooler Lindy (Music’s Maddie Ziegler).  She has dependable support from her best friend Vivian (Djouliet Amara of Honey Girls) and single mother Rita (Emily Hampshire of The End of Sex), and she finds a budding romance with hunky peer Adam (D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai of TV’s Reservation Dogs).  However, a revealing doctor’s appointment results in Lindy finding out about her surprising reproductive condition, MRKH Syndrome.  The diagnosis is an explanation of her absent menstrual cycle, and further details Lindy’s underdeveloped uterus.  While the medical staff are helpful and assist Lindy with the next steps, Lindy feels ashamed and suddenly feels like an outsider.

Comparable to 2011’s medical dramedy 50/50, writer/director McGlynn has projected her own experience with MRKH Syndrome towards a project that will, hopefully, speak to teenagers who may be too timid to address their own situations.  Using an even blend of drama and humour (just as the filmmaker did with her debut feature Mary Goes Round), Fitting In identifies the awkward nitty-gritty of maturing and makes it very relatable;  despite being based on a very specific medical condition.  The film also benefits from an exceptional leading performance from Ziegler, an up-and comer who is given a chance to tap into her range of vulnerability.  Ziegler aces feigned enthusiasm around her friends just as well as she communicates private discomfort and nervousness when she’s figuring out her own body.


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