Canadian Film Fest ’17: The Heretics

As a film critic, you try your hardest not to be jaded.  However, I find myself struggling not to make blasé comments about Black Fawn Films’ latest horror movie The Heretics.

If filmmakers ever decided to give up on horror movies, the genre could still count on Black Fawn Films to be faithful providers.  The production house consistently churns out scary movies that range in quality (The Sublet being their best work, and last year’s Bed of the Dead marking their most pathetic attempt).  They occasionally release a film like The Heretics, a movie that serves as a placeholder while more innovative projects are in the shop.

The Heretics may be one of the only recent entries in Canadian horror to use a creepy cult as its main focus, but the film serves more of the same gore, grisly transformations, and twists, along with duplicated atmospheric tension horror hounds are all too familiar with.

The performances are satisfying and the ending is a shocking surprise, but the bored indifference seen throughout this film sacrifices The Heretics.


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