Your Fat Friend

Anonymous blogging activist-turn-New York Times best selling author Aubrey Gordon is a joy to listen to.  Her opinions regarding her size, as well as the personal experiences that have tangentially spawned because of her weight, have led to outlets allowing Gordon to discuss being fat.  Her career path has also opened opportunities to educate others about various biases and complexities that come from inconsiderate assumptions and soured good intentions.

With Your Fat Friend, the film’s title which has been inspired by Gordon’s online pseudonym, documentarian Jeanie Finlay (Orion: The Man Who Would Be King) packages the writer’s growing career – leading up to Gordon’s first published book and the fame that occurs after the release – as a free-form film.  While incorporating traditional interviews with Aubrey and her family, Your Fat Friend also resembles beautiful visual poems as Gordon recites articles behind meditative footage envisioned by Finlay.  The filmmaker and her subject make a great duo, and their relationship never compromises the integrity of the project.  The film also doesn’t feel like disguised promotion for Gordon.  Every frame of this movie comes from a genuine emotion.

Your Fat Friend is funny and heartfelt while also voicing concerns and skepticism that come from having confidence in an, otherwise, judgemental society.  Throughout the documentary, and especially near the end, we see how Gordon’s perseverance has the power to inspire others to speak up and reclaim themselves.  This wonderful flick will definitely follow in Gordon’s trailblazing footsteps.


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