The Quest of Alain Ducasse

Alain Ducasse is a sensational chef with incredible senses, and Gilles de Maistre communicates that well in his labour of love The Quest of Alain Ducasse.

Maistre recorded the culinary king for two years;  collecting footage that exercises Ducasse’s expertise in the kitchen, as well as nearby reactions and off-the-cuff testimonials from fellow colleagues.  The filmmaker truly captures the global admiration surrounding Alain Ducasse and his career.  Gilles de Maistre also serves as our narrator, but his observational perspective is much more opinion-based than it is obvious or explanatory – giving the documentary a deeper personal connection that the audience shares by the end credits.

The Quest of Alain Decasse starts out strong;  giving movie goers an insider look into the selfless subject who has a career with lavish perks.  We can’t get enough of Ducasse’s accuracy and eloquence.  But, that exclusive sneak peek wears off by the final stretch.  Despite showing how involved the chef is during the early stages of his ingredients, Alain Ducasse’s globetrotting starts to grow stale after his exotic trips start resembling the same formula.  That’s the fault of the filmmaker and his editor though, two people who should’ve pursued a shorter cut instead of overcooking their flick.


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