The Gospel According to André

Talk about a documentary that really dives into its subject!  The Gospel According to André, a slick flick from documentarian Kate Novack, embodies the enthusiasm of fashion editor André Leon Talley.

Talley – with his larger-than-life personality – invested every waking moment towards influential fashion artists to later develop his own outspoken and trustworthy opinions;  all of which have fleshed out his reputable expertise and current career.  Novack’s film does an efficient job educating viewers on Talley’s life and his importance in the fashion industry, however what gives this film pizazz is how the doc gets wrapped up in André’s passion.  This could very well be a testament to how engaging and funny André Leon Talley is on his own, but Novack’s ability to manifest this energy in a way that involves general audiences is nothing short of impressive.

Another nice touch are the interviews with models, designers, and other celebrities who have had a relationship with André, or are currently close with him.  These intimate reactions and comments range from instant love towards Talley to congenial friendliness that has since evolved – adding emotional depth to these talking heads, and making The Gospel According to André much more personable than one may expect.

The Gospel According to André is certainly worth checking out;  especially in a double feature with the equally inclusive documentary Crazy About Tiffany’s.


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