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Jackass star Steve-O opens a new chapter in his ever-evolving career as a stand-up comedian with his latest special Steve-O’s Bucket List.  After traveling the globe and performing his hardcore “adults only” show to curious crowds (with some patrons even passing out), the stuntman has released his uncensored show online for everyone who may have missed out on the tour, or for those wishing to revisit the yuks and the yucks.

Steve-O’s previous special, Gnarly, felt like a mature turn for the daredevil.  His stunt work was still outrageous and hilariously juvenile but, as a celebrity who created his own infamy for his lewd and self-destructive behaviour, Gnarly featured Steve-O recognizing his past and leaving it behind for new personal opportunities, which includes his love life with production designer and wardrobe stylist Lux Wright.

Those who are familiar with Steve-O’s brand of stand-up may still notice a different rhythm to his act this time around.  For starters, the multimedia element is much more prominent to the audience.  Rather than using post-production editing to fill in gaps to his stories, Steve-O utilizes a large screen raised above a fetching variety of analog television sets (an art installation designed by Wright).  This visual may appear to be a tactic to fill in the negative space around Steve-O, but it could represent the non-stop projected coverage that has become a staple in the daredevil’s livelihood.  The formula of Steve-O’s Bucket List goes like so: the comic describes the conception and lead-up to a stunt – not missing an ounce of detail.  Once he’s done explaining, he plays the video proof of the stunt on that big screen.  Make no bones about it, Steve O’s Bucket List is an extreme take on “pics or it didn’t happen”.

While the performance artist has enough experience and clout to consider himself a stand-up comedian, in a weird way, Steve-O has become a punk rock folk hero.  With every story he tells, he’s able to string along the audience and have everyone hang on to every last word.  As a public speaker, his skill is downright immaculate.  When people start passing out in the audience after mustering through “The Vasectomy Olympics” or Steve-O’s gruelling quest to develop “cauliflower ear”, the stand-up is able to make light of the situation while showing genuine concern while also holding his place within a story.  Steve-O’s footage is shocking, but his gift of gab and his talents as a host had my jaw on the floor. 

As usual with these types of vehicles (as well as the movies in the Jackass franchise), to breakdown the featured stunts would be a disservice to the special.  You know damn well if Steve-O’s Bucket List will be your thing.  Even then, having a bit of nervousness towards the unpredictable severity of the uncensored footage adds to the fun of this production.  In the most literal sense, no one – and I mean no one – is doing it like Steve-O.

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