On Putin’s Blacklist

In this current political climate, Russian president Vladimir Putin – along with his government – has frequently been held suspect for unethical ideologies.  On Putin’s Blacklist, a Canadian-produced documentary directed by Boris Ivanov, exposes more of these unorthodox decisions while also linking these rippling effects to possible ideas of Putin’s personality.

The doc is competently compiled and structured, debunking any possible claims that the film could be identified as propaganda in disguise if screened in other parts of the world.  Ivanov’s style is also engaging;  using newspaper headlines as a device to keep the movie visually stimulating while also providing context to how often these issues are brought to public surface.  However, the film’s most important strength is that it does a good job at proposing grounded ideas – as all documentaries should.  Movie goers observe Putin’s Western paranoia, for instance, become a heavy influence during the conception of Russia’s anti-international adoption bill.  Likewise for views on homosexuality that develops into gay panic that trickles down to restless protesters that are adamant to strip the spirit of those who are different than them.

The main purpose of Boris Ivanov’s doc is to show the tightened reigns around those who strive for individuality and sympathy.  Even if you enter the film with a pre-invested understanding of this, On Putin’s Blacklist will still serve as an eye-opening movie.


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