Miss Sharon Jones!

The biggest takeaway from Barbara Kopple’s electrifying doc Miss Sharon Jones! is Jones’ incredible energy and willpower.  It’s marvellous to watch the soulful musician allow music to possess her, and it’s even more astonishing considering Jones’ exhaustive struggle with pancreatic cancer.

The content in Miss Sharon Jones! is split up between upbeat concert footage and interviews with friends and Jones’ musical accompaniment The Dap Kings.  Oscar-winning documentarian Kopple provides plenty of flare for her film that compliments performances featured in the film, and matches Jones’ outgoing showy personality.  Jones is quite comfortable giving vulnerable reactions and answers to Kopple’s camera as well.  We follow her during sombre times as she confronts her body’s responses, but she always maintains strength.

The documentary also authenticates the power of music and showmanship.  Those who support Sharon have been inspired by her perseverance and her talent.  They want to help her in similar ways her stirring singing opened their eyes.  Underneath the music in Miss Sharon Jones! is an encouraging depiction of human nature.


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