Does It Float?: JOBS


By: Addison Wylie

Upon watching JOBS for the first time, I had a hunch that it wasn’t going to be received with a wide round of applause.  The film about the life and times of Apple’s Steve Jobs didn’t sugarcoat its subject, but the overall product took the form of a typical biopic.

I believe movie goers were still riding off the hot licks of the award winning David Fincher film The Social Network.  I don’t think audiences went in expecting the next Social Network, but I believe audiences wanted a layered movie that had a bit more to say than merely “Steve Jobs was a brilliant but flawed individual”.

As soon as Joshua Michael Stern’s movie started leaping over years, rushing through some pivotal victories and downfalls, and giving audiences the broad strokes of Jobs’ career, I realized that JOBS wasn’t going to be the film I expected it to be.  I allowed my crosshairs to ease up and take in the film as an entertaining time at the movies – it worked.

I was slightly disappointed by JOBS, but I was charmed from start to finish.  I thought the performances were well-equipped with the right actors; especially Ashton Kutcher’s slouchy, smooth talking portrayal of Jobs.  Kutcher, unfortunately, will be lost in the shuffle during award time, but I’m sure the teen crowd won’t forget his dedication to the role.

Josh Gad, playing Steve Wozniak, was another performer who held his own quite nicely, and offered some comedic moments.  Sometimes the comic relief could’ve been watered down, but I could appreciate Stern trying to liven things up with a colourful personality.

I was excited to take a look at JOBS again.  Would I still stick with my original opinions and take the film about a slacker-turn-genius at face value?  Or, would I join in with the overwhelming shoulder shrug reception?

Time to find out! Check out the fifth webisode of Does It Float?.

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