TIFF Kids ’18: Nelly & Simon: Mission Yeti

Nelly, a gung-ho private detective, and Simon, an aspiring anthropologist, make an unlikely heroic pair in Nelly & Simon: Mission Yeti, a colourful French-Canadian action/adventure yarn from directors Nancy Florence Savard and Pierre Greco.

Simon is in trouble as his career hangs in the fate of an impossible mission to find proof of yeti life in the Himalayas.  He’s offered help by Nelly, a friendly stranger who, despite her quirky clumsiness, is quick on her feet.  They “borrow” an important document to lead them on their journey, while a competitive colleague devises a selfish plan to take credit and reap the benefits.

Nelly & Simon is zany fun.  However, “less is more” which filmmakers completely disregard.  As the movie accumulates momentum, scenes of conflict hit “peak wackiness” and spin out of control.  The staggered flow may also make it difficult for young movie goers to digest the movie .  But for a kid trying to make heads or tails of this story, they can always latch on to the thrilling and amusingly rubbery animation

This is essentially a stripped-down Tintin imitation, but Nelly & Simon: Mission Yeti will do the trick for kids.

Nelly & Simon: Mission Yeti screens at Toronto’s TIFF Kids International Film Festival on Wednesday, March 21 at 12:30 pm (in French with English subtitles) at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. Click here for more details!


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