The LEGO Batman Movie

The genius execution of 2014’s The LEGO Movie offered audiences a creative perspective on their childhood toy, and the financial success of the film practically greenlit any future spin-offs;  including this month’s The LEGO Batman Movie and late-Summer’s The LEGO NINJAGO Movie.  Batman’s ability to steal scenes in The LEGO Movie makes him the perfect candidate to have his own spin-off.  We shall see about the latter come September.

The LEGO Batman Movie sticks to the guidelines and intentions filmmakers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller previously set so well.  While this spin-off is heavy on nostalgia and fan service, it’s very careful not to cash-in.  Audiences receive an original story stemming off of Batman’s independence that also sports a pro-teamwork message along with it.  It’s semi-formulaic, I suppose, and the flick gives in to predictability when wrapping up its story, however The LEGO Batman Movie does an outstanding job at applying its clever tongue-in-cheek sense of humour to safer qualities.

Lord and Miller produce this time around, giving Robot Chicken veteran Chris McKay a chance to direct under a longer runtime with an array of different characters and cameos.  His issue with the film’s length is an inevitable growing pain, but McKay is more than capable of playing with a list of loveable characters and choosing the best takes from an incredibly disguised vocal cast.  Luckily, he’s paired with a list of actors willing to let their hair down along with some alternative performers who are mostly known for their outrageous stand-up comedy.  To start revealing names would be cruel;  stick around to read the credits.

There are in-jokes a go-go in The LEGO Batman Movie but, again, it’s very careful not to get ahead of itself.  McKay and company understand the film is being sold towards children and LEGO fans, but they also know the importance of refusing to pander to one audience over the other.


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