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Be Still

Based on the play of the same name by Canadian playwright Janet Munsil, Be Still is an experimental biopic about the work and emotional pain endured by Vancouver photographer Hannah Maynard.


Riceboy Sleeps

Drawing from some of his own experiences, in Riceboy Sleeps, writer/director Anthony Shim tells an immigrant’s tale of a Korean mother, So-Young (Choi Seung-yoon), and her son Dong-Hyun (a shared role by young Dohyun Noel Hwang and teen Ethan Hwang) attempting to build a new life in Canada after the loss of So-Young’s schizophrenic husband.  While in Canada, they’re faced with discrimination towards their race and So-Young’s meekness – both of them dealing with variations of…


Becoming a Queen

Becoming a Queen is a very straightforward documentary that zeroes in on one person, their career, and their primary achievement. The film follows this standard structure well enough, issuing the occasional bit of history along the way, but I wish director Chris Strikes followed a less conventional format to this vibrant subject matter.


Drifting Snow

Written and directed by Ryan Noth (No Heart Feelings), Drifting Snow depicts a rural Ontario winter in all its frozen glory. But, tangled timelines and poor pacing hinder what could otherwise be a compelling drama.


Saint Frances

We’ve all seen a movie that pairs an uncomfortable adult with a precocious child, and usually the humour stems from their awkwardness that develops into an endearing dynamic as their chemistry develops. Saint Frances is no different, and about halfway through the movie I thought I had Alex Thompson’s film figured out. Little did I know that the film was quietly providing the groundwork for inspiring feministic themes that would elevate the material above its…


A White, White Day

Fresh off the festival circuit, Hlynur Pálmason’s A White, White Day rapturously yet bleakly explores familiar themes of grief and loss.  Pálmason’s second feature offers a clinical, appropriately distanced character study, while maintaining a coherent sense of the character’s interiority.