Logan is a film that makes you stop in your tracks, especially if the X-Men film franchise wasn’t necessarily your “thing”.

Just like the Resident Evil series, the X-Men movies had guaranteed fans that were always going to stay faithful through thick and thin.  Personally, I thought X-Men was fun and X2 was fine, but the continuing chapters appeared uninteresting and had the habit of blending in with each other.  As an outsider, I wanted something that raised the stakes in terms of performances and direction.  I needed a film like Logan to come along.

Logan is an excellent, swelling swan song to Hugh Jackman’s legacy as Marvel’s Wolverine.  It features the actor at his most vulnerable using his experienced acting while trusting director/co-writer James Mangold (Walk the Line).  While the earlier films featured the comic book character in a flighty yet fitting element, Logan shows audiences the consequences of Wolverine’s sheltered, violent, unpredictable, deteriorating personality.  Jackman is simply fantastic.  It’s astounding that he’s still able to explore new ground for this character.

The film takes place in the near future where Logan is living as a recluse with fellow confidants Caliban (Stephen Merchant) and Professor X (Sir Patrick Stewart) during a time where mutants are increasingly irrelevant and extinct.  They find purpose and a glimmer of redemption in young Laura (newcomer Dafne Keen), who is imposed on them after her guardian informs Logan of a sanctuary they must find.  The secret destination will provide safety for Laura, who appears to be on the run.

Merchant and Stewart are terrific, but Keen leaves a noteworthy and lasting impression since her aggressive role is performed using minimal dialogue and gritty choreography.  The baddies, all fitting typical mad scientist and thug stereotypes, are heightened by talented actors we love to hate.

Logan is relentless in the best ways possible – Mangold certainly doesn’t hold back when handling graphic action or emotional climaxes.  Then again, there are many pieces that build Logan towards incredible impacts.


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