Does it Float?: A Haunted House

By: Addison WylieAHauntedHouse poster

Now that this year’s Hot Docs coverage has come to an end, it’s time to introduce my new video segment to you all.

Does It Float? will have me revisiting films I gave positive reviews to and seeing if they hold up on a second viewing. Sometimes, a film can be heightened by the experience or with a certain type of crowd. With Does It Float?, I plan to give you both sides of movie watching – my initial view and a more familiarized viewing of the film.

My first webisode is focusing on Michael Tiddes’ send-up to Paranormal ActivityA Haunted House has earned a small audience that considers it a guilty pleasure – and I considered myself part of that merry bunch.

Unfortunately, it isn’t everyone’s cup o’ tea. The comedy sits at an embarrassing 6% on Rotten Tomatoes with print critics and online critics calling it a dud.

Has my opinion changed? Does the immaturity and juvenile comedy not sit well during round two? Watch the premiere of Does It Float? and find out!


To read my original review, click here!

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