Canadian Film Fest ’18: The Cannon

Boogie Nights meets The Wrestler in Marshall Axani’s The Cannon.  Although those are some fairly daunting examples to follow, The Cannon – for the most part – does a decent job of keeping up.

Bob Frazer (of Netflix’s upcoming Reboot series) plays Colton, better known in the adult film industry as the famous “Cannon”.  He’s aware of his limiting age and the convoluted nature of trying to hide who he is from his daughter (Megan Charpentier).  As he observes gradual changes in his line of work that amp up the extremities of his role as a porn star, he strives for more of an agreeable future.

Despite an undercooked tonal shift in the second act that turns The Cannon’s compelling character drama into a sleazy thriller, writer/director Axani follows the template of The Wrestler very closely.  Everything from the father-daughter dynamic to humanizing a line of “trashy” entertainment.  Like Mickey Rourke, Frazer –  someone who looks as if he’s been chiseled out of stone – does a very good job characterizing Colton as a disappointed individual who tries his hardest to fight through personal hurdles.

Amani may be copying too closely from a reliable source, but considering the change of environment and stakes that give the film its own legs to stand on, The Cannon makes itself an exception.


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