Battle of the Year

By: Addison WylieBOTYposter

Come on in, guys!  I want to address the entire crew before you go out and try to win Battle of the Year.

I know we’ve all been through rough patches during this rocky ride – including me.  When I was first approached to witness the best B-Boys to compete in this renowned dance tournament, I didn’t think it’d be possible.  But, filmmaker Benson Lee and choreographer Dave Scott, with the help of casting director Twinkie Byrd (yes, THE Twinkie Byrd), put their heads together and brought in…you fellas.

You guys are the best of the best.  Even when sloppy editors and hyperactive cinematographers are having a hard time shooting and cutting together your dance numbers, you soldier on.  The results may still be disjointed, spastic, and too close for comfort, but you guys manage to energetically perform.

I can’t exactly report that you guys are doing a standout job because of those glitches, but you all look so happy while you “do your thing”.  So, you all  have that going for you.

It wasn’t all fun and games though.  When your coach brought everyone together, there was a clash of egos.  You could almost say that the furious rustling and tussling was out of a movie or something.  Or, y’know, five movies.  Ten movies.  Everything you guys do – along with your grizzled coach and your big time sponsor – I’ve seen in countless other things.  But, you guys are consistent.  And, that’s a trait that’s going to make you Battle of the Year champions.

I’m glad you all have been acquainted with the assistant coach, Franklyn.  He looks just like that actor Josh Peck, who graduated from Nickelodeon and went on to star in indie darlings such as Mean Creek and The Wackness.  He’s the type of actor who I wouldn’t imagine being caught in a locker room rally like this one.

If Franklyn has reminded you countless times that his name is spelt with a ‘Y’, that’s just him being his corrective, detail-savvy self.  Or, Jewish.  That’s the other thing.  He’ll often remind you that he’s Jewish.  And, a stud.  A Jewish stud.  He does this by being very soft spoken, brushing his bangs away from his doe eyes, and being attentive to everything.  Some would say that he’s poorly drawn, but that’s Franklyn.  As you guys have practiced being the best B-Boys the US of A can offer, Franklyn has to practice being less of a characacher.

Now, an apology.  You all have made me laugh, guffaw, and embarrassingly squeal.  However, I’m pretty sure you all were being serious when I was bent over from hilarity.  If I’ve offended you in any way, I’m sorry.  I have tried to improve on this though.  Whenever I have that urge to let out a giggle, I remind myself that I’m watching serious people at work trying to inspire and entertain their audience.  For some reason, it only makes that urge stronger.  I’m working on it.

Let us all hang onto that word ‘inspire’, shall we?  What you all do has the potential to push young underdogs to lunge for their dreams.  Hopefully, that target audience can see past all the product placement for SONY products and uncover meaning behind what it takes to “go the distance”.  I do have to get me one of those nifty SONY tablets though.  Franklyn tells me “its the way of the future”.

Before you guys head out on stage to pop and lock, make sure you grab your free copy of Benson Lee’s Planet B-Boy documentary.  He’s done everything he can to remind you what it takes to be a B-Boy with his previous film.  He’s shown it to everyone and he’s blown it up on televisions whenever possible.

You’re all probably very sick and tired of seeing his doc take the stage over your crucial dancing.  Now, you’ll have your very own copy to watch Planet B-Boy whenever you want.  I know Franklyn has reminded you that it’s on Netflix, but that’s Franklyn for you!

So, let’s go out there and show everyone that the USA has what it takes to win!

Ooo, by the way, the Korean and German teams look intimidating and tough as nails.  Almost as if they’re all trying hard to remind you that everyone outside America in this crazy dancing world is a threat.  Don’t worry, we have that fella on our team who looks like an overacting Chris Brown.  Ain’t nobody messin’ with us!

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