Crossing the relatable narcissism of The Worst Person in the World with the awkward yet well-intentioned heart of Obvious Child, the uniquely titled pregnancy dramedy Ninjababy is an absolute winner.


Baby Done

As much as I’m glad pro-choice movies are becoming more frequent in the mainstream eye, it’s refreshing to watch a movie about a couple who are thrilled to be expecting a baby. That nice feeling washed over me while watching Curtis Vowell’s humble comedy Baby Done, which plays as a millennial’s version of This Is 40 that’s just as funny with as many rough edges.


Pieces of a Woman

It’s impossible for me not to write about Pieces of a Woman from my own experience with child loss.  The movie is about a child’s death during delivery and her parents’ grieving process as they search for personal closure.  As a father who has lost three babies with my sublime wife through miscarriages, Pieces of a Woman really hits close to home.



By: Addison Wylie Cobie Smulders continues to collect indie cred with Kris Swanberg’s Unexpected, where the How I Met Your Mother actress plays high school teacher Samantha who learns of her surprise pregnancy during her final year at an inner-city school ceasing closure.  At the same time, Samantha discovers one of her students is also with child (Jasmine played by firecracker Gail Bean). Unexpected doesn’t issue a new perspective on poverty-stricken pregnancies, or a new display of…