Baby Done

As much as I’m glad pro-choice movies are becoming more frequent in the mainstream eye, it’s refreshing to watch a movie about a couple who are thrilled to be expecting a baby. That nice feeling washed over me while watching Curtis Vowell’s humble comedy Baby Done, which plays as a millennial’s version of This Is 40 that’s just as funny with as many rough edges.

After a positive pregnancy test, it isn’t long before arborists Zoe (Rose Matafeo) and Tim (Matthew Lewis of the Harry Potter franchise) begin to excitedly plan for their family to grow. However, despite being aware of how increasingly vulnerable her body will be, Zoe isn’t so quick to cut out goals she would still like to achieve before being a mother; turning the due date into more of a deadline. 

The strange thing is the trailer for Baby Done emphasizes this personal crisis more than the actual film. This isn’t a case of mis-marketing, but this makes other primary plot points more surprising than they should be. Baby Done’s scope is a touch too broad. It alternates between being a relationship movie about falling in love all over again, a character study on aimless and hopeless romantics, and a quirky “bucket list” comedy. When the movie settles down and focuses on its themes of facing new challenges in maturity, Baby Done is in its most natural element.

The film is always finding relatable layers in the story and in its hilariously dry sense of humour. But, the main friendship between Zoe and Tim is Baby Done’s main strength, thanks to Matafeo and Lewis’ likeable performances, Sophie Henderson’s heartfelt screenwriting, and Curtis Vowell’s apt direction. Henderson and Vowell make a good filmmaking team, and I hope they continue to work together.


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