Drifting Snow

Written and directed by Ryan Noth (No Heart Feelings), Drifting Snow depicts a rural Ontario winter in all its frozen glory. But, tangled timelines and poor pacing hinder what could otherwise be a compelling drama.



By: Trevor Chartrand Based on a true story, Brotherhood is a harrowing tale of survival that recounts the tragedy beset upon a boy’s summer camp in Balsam Lake, Ontario in 1926.  On the night of July 20, thirteen boys and two camp counsellors set out to cross the lake in a canoe to gather food and supplies for the camp.  They encountered high winds that capsized the boat, leaving them floating in the cold water…



By: Addison Wylie Everyone is quick to pull the trigger on the “rip off” gun and Warren P. Sonoda’s Servitude is no exception. In fact, if one was to look up the film’s trailer on YouTube, they would see the two top rated comments sarcastically comparing the comedy to Rob McKittrick’s Waiting…. It’s understandable as to why movie goers would jump to this conclusion. The similarity they latch onto the most is that both movies…


Project X

By: Addison Wylie It’s already March and currently the counter for found footage films released in 2012 sits at three. Out of the three, only one of those has gotten a passing grade. The other two are devoid of any creativity and serve as complete wastes of time. Being that I gushed about how fantastic Chronicle was just a mere couple of weeks ago, I’ll let you connect the dots. Not to derail the review…