About My Father

By: Danyal Somani In the semi-autobiographical comedy About My Father, co-writer/actor Sebastian Maniscalco portrays a fictionalized version of himself trying to win over his girlfriend’s family in hopes of proposing to her during a Fourth Of July trip.  However, when his traditional father Salvo (Robert De Niro) tags along, challenges arise (including class clashes, more eccentric family members, and some interesting pets) making Sebastian’s mission more difficult.


The Son

To say Florian Zeller’s The Son isn’t as successful as his 2020 Academy Award winner The Father would be an understatement.  While it’s a mediocre family drama, it doesn’t resonate nearly as much as its predecessor did because of how narratively basic and emotionally broad it is.


Blue’s Big City Adventure

Blue’s Big City Adventure, the first feature-length outing for the problem-solving pooch, is a comfortable ride for fans of Nickelodeon’s long-running interactive franchise Blue’s Clues.  The movie fits the traditional narrative flow of the program while also exploring a personal scope without calling attention to its own cleverness.


Easter Sunday

Filipino American comedian Jo Koy (known for his Netflix specials Live from Seattle and Comin’ In Hot) makes his debut as a leading man in Easter Sunday, a loosely autobiographical comedy that draws on cultural and family dynamics to conjure relatable situational comedy.


The Munsters

I’m getting a kick out of the people who are trying to provide Rob Zombie professional criticism regarding The Munsters, and likewise for the writers and vloggers who want to take digs at it and make fun of it – it’s all very cute.  I don’t hold myself in higher regard to my peers, but I know a lark when I see one.  And, Rob Zombie’s family-friendly seasonal comedy The Munsters is a big, fat,…


The Nan Movie

The Nan Movie has made its way across the pond from the UK to North America like a rolling storm cloud.  Sometimes though, an anticipated storm turns out to be pretty mellow and not the disaster you were expecting;  a pleasant surprise, even.  And sometimes, such is the case with The Nan Movie, that storm can hit you harder than you ever expected.