Wylie Writes on the Red Carpet: ‘A Date with Miss Fortune’

On January 28th, Toronto’s Yonge and Dundas Cineplex Theatre hosted a red carpet media screening in preparation for the Canadian release of A Date With Miss Fortune staring Jeannette Sousa, Ryan K. Scott, Vik Sahay (TV’s Radio ActiveAmerican Reunion), along with special appearances by musician Nelly Furtado and television personality George Stroumboulopoulos.  John L’Ecuyer’s romantic comedy about what happens when a struggling screenwriter clashes with his new girlfriend’s traditional and eccentric Portuguese family has already been released in Portugal where audiences have responded positively to the film.

Written and produced by Sousa and Scott, who are a couple in real-life, A Date With Miss Fortune is based on experiences that the couple had as individuals from differing cultural backgrounds struggling to develop and maintain a romantic relationship.  The story follows Jack (Scott) as he meets Maria (Sousa) by accident at a dinner;  Maria’s overwhelming family and superstitious beliefs quickly threaten the new relationship.

While neither Furtado nor Stroumboulopoulos made an appearance on the red carpet, Wylie Writes had the opportunity to chat with Sousa and Scott, as well as veteran actor Joaquim de Almeida (Clear and Present Danger, Fast Five) who plays Maria’s disapproving father.

From Left to Right: Ryan K. Scott, Vik Sahay, Jeannette Sousa, and Joaquim de Almeida

Scott and Sousa have been working on A Date With Miss Fortune for the past four years as screenwriters, producers, and actors.

“It was an interesting dynamic,” said Scott, admitting that it was occasionally a challenge for him and Sousa to keep their work on the film separate from their personal lives.  “It was fun.  It was a journey that we’re still going through.  But, throughout the scriptwriting process, I really enjoyed working with Jeannette – she’s a great writer.”

“We wore a lot of hats on this film,” Sousa confessed.  “I don’t know if I’ll wear three hats on the next one, but we enjoyed it for sure.”

At its core, A Date With Miss Fortune is about the power of love to cross all kinds of boundaries.  Sousa thinks that it’s an idea that Canadian audiences in particular will be able to identify with.

“It’s a cross-cultural romantic comedy,” said Sousa.  “With Canada being the most culturally diverse country in the world, I think there are many cross-cultural relationships that exist – there’s that element of relatability for sure.”

Joaquim de Almeida agreed, noting that while he thinks that the film will speak to members of the Portuguese-Canadian community, there are elements of the story that have universal appeal.

“There are so many different ethnic groups in Canada,” he said.  “I think this is a romantic story that could happen to any ethnic group.  It happens to be a Portuguese ethnic group, and Jack [Scott’s character] is not ethnic, but he falls in love with a Portuguese girl whose parents – her father especially – are rather protective of her.”

“He goes through hell,” de Almeida added.  “But at the end, love wins – and that’s the fun.”


A Date with Miss Fortune is now playing. The film has pre-sold more than a thousand tickets! To purchase your ticket, click here!

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