Paul Taylor: Creative Domain


By: Shannon Page

Emmy-award winner Kate Geis has directed, produced and edited Paul Taylor: Creative Domain, a narrowly focused look into the mind and creative process of one of the most interesting choreographers alive today.

Combining interviews with dancers, composers, and Taylor himself alongside footage of the choreographer and his company at work, Geis’ film follows the development of Taylor’s 133rd dance, Three Dubious Memories, from its inspiration and initial conception to the first public performance of the piece.

Taylor refers to his dancers as “paints”, but the compassion he has for them is obvious.  The choreographer is refreshingly humble, radiating a warmth and sincerity that is somewhat surprising given his legendary status in the world of contemporary dance.  The respect the dancers in the company have for Taylor and his work is astounding – it’s this element of human connection that drives Paul Taylor: Creative Domain forward, making it accessible no matter how invested the viewer is in the dance itself.

Paul Taylor: Creative Domain is fascinating insight into a creative mind, but it is also a revealing and often touching look at the dynamics that form between people.


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